About Project Shop

Work at this shop constantly flows between mediums

— writing, design, film, video and presentations —

to generate communications across all available


As a project manager, I've conceived, pitched and executed high-concept films, books, websites,

branding and curricula.

Capabilities include: strategies for emerging brands and ongoing communications for established brands.

As a journalist and filmmaker, I research, conceive, develop and produce projects by constantly employing

the latest tools and methods.

Dialogue and storytelling are key components, all thru.







By applying a variety of amazing tools, such as Tumult Hype, Adobe Suite,  Photoshop, Adobe CSS, Illustrator, plus Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, we'll develop your overall look, sound and feel, tailored to ' every client's individual tastes.

Specialties: Full-range campaign strategies with content, including streaming video and Powerpoint storytelling, integrated branding design, editorial writing, social media, profiles and bios, metric monitoring and marketing.