About Project Shop

Work at Project Shop constantly flows between mediums.

Combining writing, design, film, video and presentations

to generate communications across all available


As a project manager, I've conceived, pitched and executed high-concept films, books, websites, magazines, motion graphics, 
branding and curricula.

Capabilities include: strategies for emerging brands and ongoing communications for established brands.

As a journalist and filmmaker, I research with acuity to conceive, develop and produce projects, constantly employing latest tools and methods.

Dialogue and storytelling are key components, throughout.







Applying a variety of tools like Tumult Hype, Adobe Suite, Photoshop, Adobe CSS, Illustrator, plus Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to  develop your overall look, sound and feel, tailored to ' every client's individual requirements.

Specialties: Full-range strategies including:

content, video and Powerpoint storytelling, integrated branding design, editorial writing, social media compilation, previews, reviews, interviews, profiles and bios, metrics monitoring and marketing.